Hello and welcome!

I’m excited to have you on this journey!

I believe this way of eating has a great potential to positively transform people’s health and their life and I hope your carnivore experiment will be a positive one.

Who is this carnivore diet plan for?

This 16-Week Carnivore Diet Plan series is written to help people who are new to the carnivore diet like you to transition to the carnivore diet as smoothly as possible.

In particular, the focus of this series is to help people who hope to fix their health problems such as leaky gut, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune conditions (arthritis, celiac disease, vitiligo, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, etc.) with the carnivore diet.

Therefore, the series will start with a strict version of the carnivore diet where you are only eating ruminant meat and ruminant organs. These are the most nutrient-dense food of the highest quality amongst all available carnivore foods. They are also highly bioavailable and free from plant toxins and anti-nutrients by definition. Therefore, they have the best potential for healing.

This does not mean that you will never be able to eat other food again.

The ultimate determinant of what you can eat in the long term is your health and you will have the opportunity to test it out once your chronic conditions have been resolved.

Later on in the program, other types of carnivore food such as pork, poultry, eggs, seafood, and even plant food will be introduced and tested gradually.

If you find out that you can tolerate these foods okay, of course, you can include them as a part of your diet in the long term if you wish.

If you don’t have any health issues and just want to try out this diet to improve your health, of course, you can still follow this plan.

However, there is an easier alternative which is to gradually cut out plant food and processed food. If you haven’t already, please check out my post on how to start the carnivore diet step by step which will give you a broad overview.

Carnivore diet for weight loss

Many people want to start the carnivore diet to lose weight too and that is perfectly fine.

However, if this is your goal, please focus on adapting to this way of eating first and ignore the number on the scale at the beginning.

Although you may be having a lot of excess fat that you are eager to lose, you may also suffer from nutritional deficiencies from years of being on a nutrition-poor diet such as the Standard American Diet which is characterized by high amounts of calories from inflammatory ultra-processed foods with little or no nutritional value.

Therefore, please focus on eating the most nutrient-dense food and follow your body’s hunger cues at the beginning: eat when you are hungry, eat until full but don’t overeat.

This will give your body what it needs to detox, heal as well as boost your nutritional status.

I believe if you follow the program closely, you will improve your health and lose weight as well.

As can be seen from the overview below, this series covers many related issues like meal frequency, meal timing, physical movement and fasting. All of these have the potential to help you reach your desired body weight.

So, please prioritize your health and you can focus on weight loss and body composition later.

Toward the end of the program, there is one week where we will focus on these issues to help you reach your ideal weight and body composition.

An overview of the series

This 16-week series aims to keep the transitional process simple and manageable by introducing one new concept at a time.

The first week covers the necessary preparations before you switch to a meat-only diet.

Though you can just jump straight to week 2, these preparations can help make your carnivore diet journey a much smoother one.

For the remainder of the series, every week we will focus on one issue. For example, week 2 will focus on ruminant meat and liver, week 3 will focus on ruminant meat but introduce other organ meat, the week after that will focus on getting your fat-to-protein ratio right, and so on.

Though you can jump ahead and read those posts, I recommend you not rush ahead, take your time and focus on one thing at a time so it’s not too overwhelming.

Below is an overview of the 16-week carnivore plan:

Although it is a 16-week plan, you can spend a long as you would like on any particular week.

However, I wouldn’t recommend rushing through the plan.

As mentioned above, this series is intended for those of you who are seeking to improve your health conditions with the carnivore diet.

These health conditions are unlikely to have developed overnight, therefore, and it is necessary to give your body the time it needs to adapt to this diet, boost its nutritional status and heal from inside out.

Have patience and enjoy the journey!


I would love to hear your feedback after you’ve completed the program so that I can improve it and more people can benefit from it.

Please send all comments and feedback to support@allthingscarnivore.com, thank you.

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I wrote this series to help people who want to try out the carnivore diet for the first time.

This information is freely available to everyone for personal use.

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